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where Mountains Meet is a New York-based womenswear collection that champions the responsible sourcing of materials and local production in New York’s historic garment district.  With a passion for artisanal craftsmanship and a commitment to our industry’s best practices, we uphold quality craftsmanship and bring conscious and conscientious design to life. 

Designers Genevieve Saylak and Corissa Santos met in 2008 and launched their collection in 2015.  Their shared experience in the advanced contemporary market informs their interest in developing a design-driven collection using eclectic, bespoke textiles, modern silhouettes and sophisticated detailing.  Fabrics women know and love come to life anew in freshly interpreted wardrobe staples with versatile styling. 

Artisan partnerships are cherished pillars of the brand.  Through collaborations with craftsmen and women from India, Guatemala and Bolivia, the designers strive to support the livelihood and promote the traditions of these culturally rich, skilled communities.  By utilizing these handmade fabrics, knitwear and trims in their collections Saylak and Santos tell dynamic stories each season. Fusing artisan craftsmanship and modern sportswear sets a new standard of luxury. 

The name of the collection is evocative of the designers’ love of nature and close ties to the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains.  It was derived from prose of 19th century artist and writer William Blake who once mused:

“Great things are done where men and mountains meet. 

This is not done by jostling in the street.”

As creatives, Santos and Saylak’s partnership is a merging of minds and visions, and their collection the fruit of that collaboration.  As designers, they are proudly committed to being the standard bearers for a more mindful and responsible generation of designers.  



Our Woman.

Believes in natural beauty and the power of clothes to do good.  She recognizes the impact of true, timeless style over trend-driven, store-bought chic.  She seeks elevated staples with curated design details—details that make their own statement, as easily as they fold into her existing wardrobe.  Multi-season wear and silhouettes that stand the test of time are guiding factors as she cultivates her wardrobe.  

She's drawn to hand-made goods and artisan craftsmanship.  An ash and vegetable-tanned leather armchair.  A hand-bound book.  A fresh cup of single origin, pour-over coffee.  

Whether she lives in a concrete jungle or on the foothills of the Rockies, she's constantly in touch with, and yearns to cultivate, her inner wild.  

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